Thursday, April 8, 2010

new friends are good.

i have lots of friends and i really like it that way. however, i've had to slow down the making of new friends. i really want to pursue each friend properly and actually know them, and having a whole lot of them makes that really hard. so honestly, i've put a lot of new friendships on hold so that i can treat them in a way that i would want to be treated.
that being said...things have changed.
i had really been doing great at this. letting people know that i love them, but i wanted to love them better was going well.

and then a sweet girl and i clicked.

you see, i've had a small obsession with this awesome girl. i just really thought she was great. turns out, she thought the same of me, apparently. so, i threw my rules out the window and began to pursue a relationship with this girl. not only is she great, she loves the Lord, and she loves on me. i really enjoy the building of relationships and i can honestly say that this one is so fun to build. i love learning her heart and sharing my own. it's just good.
also, i have learned my justification to my own rules. :) she is a junior, which means i only have a year to love her here. i just gotta get on my game now. :)

not too long ago, i would have been scared to death to pursue this relationship. number one because she is older than me and number two because she is so cool. but God is working that out in me. it's good to see change in my heart and in my relationships.

The most beautiful part is that this verse is true of my sweet new friend---
"I am a friend to all who fear you, to all who follow your precepts."
Psalm 119:63

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