Thursday, October 21, 2010


sometimes i feel that my life is best summed up in song lyrics.

all of life comes down to just one thing,
and that's to know You, oh Jesus,
and make You known.

if my heart has one ambition,
if my soul one goal to seek,
this my solitary vision 'til i only dwell in Thee,
that i only dwell in Thee,
'til i only dwell in Thee.

a thousand times i've failed,
still your mercy remains.
and should I stumble again,
still i'm caught in your grace.

In the darkness,
Where everything is unknown,
I face the power of sin on my own.
I did not know of a place I could go,
Where I could find a way to
Heal my wounded soul.
He said that I could come into
His presence without fear,
Into the holy place where
His mercy hovers near.

Christ is lifted up,
and i bow down.

when we arrive at eternity's shore,
where death is just a memory,
and tears are no more,
we'll enter in as the wedding bells ring;
Your bride will come together,
and we'll sing, "You're beautiful!"

there's a peace i've come to know,
though my heart and flesh may fail.
there's an anchor for my soul.
i can say, "it is well."
Jesus has overcome,
and the grave is overwhelmed.
victory is won.
He is risen from the dead.

here's my melody.
i'm just trying to bring You glory
i know it's just a song.
please fill it up with Your life.
take this song from me.
rewrite my whole story.
my pitiful life is my only sacrifice.

here's your melody.
I've filled it with My glory,
sprinkled it with joy,
filled it up with new life.
your life is filled with Me;
i'm making a new story
cause your beautiful song
is a perfect sacrifice.

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