Tuesday, January 11, 2011

broken & beloved.

it truthfully is an incredibly strange concept. in my brokenness, in my sin, in my mess, i am still His beloved, His princess, His bride.
i have mentioned before that i adore Ann Voskamp and her beautiful blog, A Holy Experience. i have recently made a resolution to aim to be as encouraging and Gospel-centered on this blog as she is on hers.
and the Lord is making it easy for me to fulfill that resolution by reminding me of His love through her blog.
i have a blog post of hers permanently bookmarked called "the broken beloved." being loved in my extreme brokenness has always been a difficult concept for me, be it God's love or human love.
but in reflecting on my own disbelief, i came back to the word i've chosen for 2011: grace.
and what is this love but grace? unmerited favor is the fact that i am a mess and a massive sinner, and yet He has chosen to call me His own.
Ann says it like this: "Yes, we are broken, but not discarded; cracked, but not rejected; damaged, but not junked. We are the broken. And yet we are, incomprehensibly, unfathomably, the beloved."
i am reminded of a song from 6th grade youth choir that recently hit me again. it says: "we are the broken. You are the Healer. Jesus, Redeemer, Mighty to Save."

and how mighty He truly is. to take this little girl who repeatedly begs forgiveness, and yet turns back to the same sins over and over, and see her as a princess---that is an awfully hard task.

thank You, oh Lord, for Your grace has covered me, and it daily mends my brokenness.

[to read the rest of Ann's post on this topic, click here.]

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