Thursday, February 24, 2011

grace abounds.

some days, i wonder what i've done to deserve all of this.
like today.
when today started, i was sitting up in my bed, talking to a newly dear friend who is definitely an expression of grace.
i had hot water and a lot of time to spend in it.
i had music to listen to and that same friend to hug as i got ready.
i had macaroni and cheese to eat.
i had medicine that evens my chemicals out.
i received a sweet little package with a wax seal on it from another new dear one.
i had the chance to learn from an experienced and caring teacher.
i got to see the showers of rain start to fall.
i enjoyed a visit with a sweet friend and got to meet her baby girl for the first time.
i held that sweet baby for an hour while listening to the sirens wail in the distance.
i got to play the piano.
i was protected from the storms by a building and a God who is sovereign.

and i don't deserve it.

i don't deserve kathryn's patience when i am terrified of storms.
i don't deserve sweet memories, sealed by a wax seal.
i don't deserve moments with a precious baby looking at me.
i don't deserve complete protection.

and yet here i sit. safely inside the peace of my room. knowing that i am loved and treasured.
and why? because of grace. it's all because He chooses to look upon me through His blood, rather than see my sin.
because His grace abounds much greater than my sin.

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