Sunday, February 13, 2011

meet my valentine.

this is kathryn. we have many a pact, but the most important one currently is that we are each other's valentines. she is the official queen of my BUB (bed under the bed) and i'd much rather her be with me than not. our first picture has mustaches, but i have a feeling that she will make up for that rather soon. she's got the photography thing down for sure.

there are so many more things that i would like to say about my sweet ryn, but the fact that she is behind me is rather distracting from this post. thus, i will just say that i love her. and this friendship blossomed fast and beautifully.


  1. Thanks for making me smile. The Lord is so good for bringing us together. I love you so much. Be mine?

  2. the Lord has been so good to us in each other indeed.
    i love you more.
    and of course.


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