Tuesday, March 15, 2011


my blog could perhaps be more accurately titled "fail blog" after these last few weeks. my life has exploded and my blog has not. why? because my computer doesn't like to work very often and so it's not readily available to me. frustrating, but good for me, i suppose.
(if you wanted to pray for me and my lack of computer, that'd be swell.)

last week was long and hard. my body was having a rough time and i was just stressing to the max, something i try to avoid.

on the other hand, it was a great week. kathryn's sister, dani, was here and we had loads of fun. we finished up life group leader interviews and i had my first focus interview. (focus is our term for freshmen orientation. i had my second interview yesterday, and i'll find out if i made it on friday.)

and then came the weekend...it was nuts. no joke, there were so many people here and so many things to do. literally crazy times.

but one thing capped it all off and made all the craziness worth it.

this girl.

my precious grandbaby, ahnna, came back to our arms for the weekend. it is always a precious time to be together as a family and to be together as dearest friends. this one can make any day sunshiny and make any heart joyful. surprisingly, we got some quality alone time, only accompanied by meg, jo, beth, and amy. oh and tears. lots of tears. the Lord is good through this daughter of His. even in the tears of sadness, we can find joy in each other and the truth of His Word. annnnd ohana is a diva. we are of the same blood, so this is not unusual. but it is worth mentioning. bah. precious angel, how i love you. and if i write any more, there will be tears. ha.
go read this babe's blog and see why i love her: sketchbookthought.

so proud to call you mine, ahnna lovey. you bring me such joy.
[i think photo credit goes to our girl, kathryn. such talent, my love]

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