Thursday, March 24, 2011

stream of conciousness.

i thought i would try this...and it is really funny to see where my mind wanders.
i was eating raspberry sherbet and it just took off.

raspberry cotton fields heart-shaped soul identity Christ door lock key casa mama mi amiga mejor Natalia Colorado red yellow chi omega lindsey boyfriends boys cool dumb tump Kate Romania happy playgrounds Caleb Ahnna Kathleen Love Kathryn misses kisses besos peso el dorado anaranjado brillara the Glory of the Lord Gospel life groups the Word Bread of life sourdough cake birthday 21 Olive garden money computer dead Daddy relieg grace blog bride TH keen stellar car crash burn refined gold ring engagement pearl price cost No Greater Love Cross buns Kathryn home soon sleepover Madelyn Maddie ukulele guitar piano Les Miserables Eponine Dream Ahnna Love family Abigail daughter Africa trip adoption calling purpose love people world creation beauty art paint brush hair curls dance skirt flowy river bubbles camp soon scary happy friends Courtney Italy Samuel Abigail misses snuggle pillows bed Bub lights candles fire forts Foot's sandals skirt barefeet meadow babies love life eternal

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