Wednesday, April 6, 2011

swinging from chandeliers.

"The Father wants to play with the child, but He cannot play with those who know too much."
-The very wise Nigel Goodwin

I have been so encouraged today. Not only by the above statement by Nigel Goodwin, but also by Mister Goodwin's childlike spirit. To meet a 74 year old man who seems to by a kindred spirit to my curious heart is other-worldly. To hear him speak of his passion for the Gospel and for the arts and see how he combines the two encourages me as I seek to do that in my own life. His theology that "God wants us to swing on the chandeliers" helps me realize that my playfulness and hopefulness is something that the Lord instilled in me and treasures in me.

Most of all, I always want to know how to love others more. That is what I want from our chapel speakers: I want to know how to love people well. "I know that I love them, but I want for them to know that I love them," as my Kathryn would say. And Sir Goodwin (that's what I call him in my head.) spoke directly to that desire in me today:
"You will love others more when you know who you are and how much you are loved."

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