Friday, May 20, 2011


It's official.
I'm twenty one years old.
I'm a senior in college.
I'm on summer break.

Goodness, the Lord is so good.

What a blessing it is to simply sit and be. I haven't had time to breathe these past few weeks and now I'm sitting in the living room of my house, just being alive. Taking time to enjoy the...nothingness, the simplicity, the lack of a pressing to-do list.

Soon, another kind of list will happen. The kind where I have to pack everything I might possibly need for two months. But that list will be much more fun than one full of lesson plans, research projects, and papers. Instead, it will be swim suit, journal, and Bible. Do I have enough water bottles? Do I need more shorts? Will my shoes last the summer? All these little chores are ten times more fun and exciting than then ones I've been doing lately.

Soon, I'll have a cabin to share with a cabinmate and 14 little girls. Soon, I'll get to talk about Christ, the Word, and missions all the time. Soon, my skin will be golden, my hair will be dirty, and I'll be swimming like a fish daily. Soon, I'll be where part of my heart has been all year. Soon, I'll have a little girl on either side of me, a backpack on my back, and a song constantly coming out of my mouth. And soon, I'll be hoarse, healthy, and completely and utterly happy.

Garaywa, I'm so ready for you.

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