Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I had to get it out.

Every time I sit down to blog, I always want to talk about those I miss.
So, this time I'm giving in... In no particular order, here are people and things I miss.

-I miss Natalie. I miss having my best friend by my side. I miss hugs that say the things that words can't. I miss Friday nights and Say Yes to the Dress. I miss inside jokes and rant fests. I miss knowing that I'm loved because she says it everyday. I miss my dearest friend.
-I miss Kathryn. I miss sleepovers, a soon-to-be nightly happenstance. Hooray for roommates! I miss crafting and chatting. I miss laying in bed, listening to our breathing, and knowing that we understand each other. I miss late night snacks, especially ice cream. I miss the wisdom of her heart and the kinship that we share.
- I miss Margaret. I miss her cat craziness. I miss tea and sweets. I miss fashion crisis central and sharing shoes. I miss venting and advice. I miss heartfelt words of wisdom and comfort. I miss shared laughter and misery. I miss the joy that her presence brings.
-I miss Kathleen. I miss her vocabulary. I miss her constant encouragement. I miss smiles and laughter in Barefoots. I miss adventures and conversations. I miss late night walks, discovering more and more about ourselves and each other. I miss her tender hands and heart.
-I miss Abigail. I miss her exuberance about my presence. I miss her compassion towards others. I miss her flattering respect for me. I miss her deep questions that cause us both to think and search the Word. I miss having a daughter to love on. I miss knowing that I always have her to snuggle with. I miss the way she worries. I miss her beautiful voice. I miss having someone to be dramatic with.
-I miss Ahnna. I miss...everything. I miss Little Women. I miss weeping together over everything and nothing. I miss laughing my head off at her hysterics. I miss dancing. Oh the dancing. I miss knowing that I'm needed.
-I miss Courtney. I miss sitting on on of our beds and talking about life. I miss discussing the past, present, and future. I miss blatant honesty. I miss the safety that is found in a solid friend. I miss laughing at things that aren't really that funny. I miss her voice. I miss random run-ins that turn bad days into something better.

And I miss Lindsey...and my roommates...and Kate...and Anna Marie...and Andi...and so many others. What a blessing Union has been, especially in the area of friends. I'm so glad to see all of these so soon.

[Coming soon: Things I miss about Garaywa.]

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