Saturday, September 24, 2011


I'm always thinking about how I want adventure. I long to fly across the ocean to a land I've never been to, and share this Mystery. I want to spin in fields for hours, and explain why I have joy to the farmer who finds me trampling his corn. I crave the crispness of a stream, winding through the forest, and the flowers that spring up beside it. I just want the adventure of the world beneath my feet and a song in my heart.
But, the truth is that I have that already.
When I stop to think about it, I'm in my adventure. I have a map, but it doesn't give me much detail. I'm starting a journey into a land of adulthood that I've never dared to touch before. I am running through fields of dreams that I didn't know were mine, and I'm working harder than ever before to make them real. I see the future laid out before me, and I want to get my passport stamped at every stop.
School. Graduation.
First Apartment. Teaching Job.
And then what?
Wife? Mother? Teach again? More Missions? Seminary? Masters?

This. This is the adventure that I was created for...This is what I truly crave. This is what the song in my heart is about, this wonderland of passion and purpose. This is why I spin in skirts and skip through fields of cotton. This is why I squeeze through crowds to be closest to the ones I love, why I stop and pick flowers, why I hold every child I can get my hands on. This is my adventure.
I'm not looking for anything better, anything more, anything bigger. This fits my little girl self and my big heart perfectly. I am where I belong. Not this place. Not my room or Union or Jackson or America. But here, in His presence daily, in His plan constantly. This is where I belong.
Yes, some days are really hard and I have to fight to remember that I fit here. Yes, I am sometimes so discouraged while looking at the days ahead. Yes, I often have to pick myself up and start again. But that's the adventure. That's the movement that is life. The colors may change. The seasons may change. My heart may change. But I serve the Unchanging One.
This is my adventure. It is full. It is busy. It is crazy. It is mine.
But more importantly, it is His. It's His adventure that He has carefully laid out. Every spin, every flight, ever flower, every song, every child, every giggle- they are all planned. There is a purpose in each moment. It is simply my choice to see Him in them or to ignore Him and wonder why I feel so alone.
For this adventure is not one that I will every have to make on my own. This adventure means I have an eternal Partner and Provider. What an amazing adventure to be on...

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