Sunday, April 8, 2012

He is Risen.

"I do not mind telling you that within me I find the Easter message and the reality of the Resurrection more beautiful and glorious than the Christmas scene. Christmas tells us that Jesus was born; that He was born for the humiliation of suffering and death and atonement. But Easter is the radiant and glory-filled celebration of Christ's mighty triumph over the grave and death and hell! When Easter comes, our voices are raised in the triumphant chorus: The three sad days had quickly sped; He rises glorious from the dead! There is the real beauty! This is more than the beauty of color; more than the beauty of outline or form; more than the beauty of physical proportion. In the living Christ is the perfection of all beauty; and because He lives, we too shall live in the presence of His beauty and the beauties of heaven, forever!" - A.W. Tozer 

He is Risen indeed.

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  1. Hey Anna!

    Its me Christa and I saw your link from Facebook and I read your blog. I had never heard of this quote and I wanted to comment and say that I love it and it was a perfect post about Christ rising from the tomb and for Easter.


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