Thursday, December 27, 2012

A New Chapter.

I've spent many moments pondering this blog post. How to begin...what to write about...where to even start... I suppose I will start with the good news: I finished student teaching and walked at December graduation. I have one January class, and I'll officially be a Union alumnus. As of January 25th, I'll be a licensed teacher in Tennessee (and able to receive licenses in almost every other state, for those of you who were wondering). On top of that, it has been a hectic Christmas season for my family...and I haven't managed to chronicle any bit of my life here in my corner of the web.
Through all of this, it seems that the reigning theme of my life currently is transition. January is sure to only bring more of that, as I apply, interview, and Lord willing, land a teaching job. After those months of student teaching, I'm simply itching to have my own classroom and my own students. It's just the desire of my heart.
Though this is not exactly the most exciting update, I do hope that I can beg you for prayer through this transition. Especially for these three things:
  • A car. I am still without one, and having a job will require one. 
  • A place to live in the Jackson area after January. I'm not picky, but I would like a bed. :)
  • A job. A classroom. A place to do what I've been trained to do.
I've seen the faithfulness of the Lord so often this past semester. I'm so full of hope for the future that I can hardly contain it. I'm just anxious to see how this new phase of my life unfolds. Knowing the Author of Life can really make a girl thrilled to read the next chapter.                    

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