Wednesday, October 22, 2008

these people are answered prayers.

i have the best friends anyone could ever ask for. they are so wonderful. oh i love them so much.

i really like making mischief with these three. sam, courtney, jessi, and i drove to louisville together for fall break. five hours of nonstop fun. :o)
i can't tell you how much fun i have with these three. our group of friends has more inside jokes than anyone ever. it's insane, but i love them. this is luke, natalie, and abby at luke and abby's birthday party. oh and luke? yeah, he's definitely fourteen inches taller than me. it's wild. speaking of answered prayers, this lovely lady on the far left is a specifically answered one. God is so good to me through jessi. I love her dearly. from l to r is jessi, courtney, and me. we took this on fall break in the ville. these ladies are precious beyond words. i promise we don't always look like this. we were supporting the bulldogs. from left to right-me, jessi, victoria, anna, natalie, abby, and margaret.
this is natalie. i think we took this the first week of school. i love her like a crazy person. we have lots of fun together. she's pretty much a gangsta.

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