Thursday, April 9, 2009

prayer is so great.

"So great" is my new favorite description of things that I like. It can be people, places, foods, things...This time it is definitely prayer.
I am in love with this communication with God thing. Oh, it is so great. God is giving me people to pray with and pray for constantly. I love it.
I'll just give the basic highlights of the life of prayer right now.
-Jordan Howerton.
He falls into the pray with and the pray for categories. This guy is awesome. I am so blessed to have regular prayer time with him at the picnic table. It is so awesome to hear another person broken over the same things I am. He is not only passionate about the things I am, like Christ and people, but he passionately lifts me up to the Throne on a daily basis. Oh how wonderful.
ps. he reads my blog.
pps. he contributes to this one---
Oh how I love this country right now. My heart is so in love with the people of Nicaragua, particularly in Leon. I am really really feeling called there for Spring Break 2010. Fellowship, the Jackson home church, partners with a ministry called El Audante and I am desperate to go. My Lindsey and Annie also feel called to go, which would be super.
-LIFE Groups.
I am so so so stoked for LIFE Groups! I cannot explain how excited I am. But, it's is also an area of major prayer for me. I'm all over praying for my friends who I know will also be LGLs, but I'm also praying for my LIFE Group Partner (LGP) and my LIFE Groupers. I know that God has my LGP already picked out and waiting for me, but I have no idea who that is. I am just so blessed to be able to serve in this capacity. I am in no way qualified, but Christ has qualified me, and that is a story to tell.

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