Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the wind spins around, twirling my polka dot dress...

I live with some seriously amazing girls. They are all so fabulous.
But, I have to brag on Jessica. She has been extra great and supportive through my periods of depression this semester and it has helped immensely. She is so great that she wrote me a poem. A poem! I thought I'd put it on here for others to enjoy the encouragement of a good friend.

The sun smiles at you.
Gently caressing your dark hair-
Seemingly without a single care
You smile back with a hu-loo-

The wind spins around,
Twirling your polka-dot dress-
Laughing with your happiness, and yes
Your smile can't keep anyone down-

"Happiness is found,"
You say as you hold my head
"In Christ Alone."- lying in my bed
Wiping our tears off and round.

Laughter, Beauty,
So many things that make you fine-
Gracious and amazing, friend of mine-
Anna, you are a Beauty.

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  1. aw thanks sweetie! i think you're pretty great! I love you!


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