Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm becoming terrible about blogging.

And I think that is because I'm so busy.
I'm trying to get everything together for school and get this quilt finished and finish some paintings and write some notes ahead of time. Oh it's just wild.

Also, I'm rather frustrated with Union's Financial Aid department. While they originally told me that I was in the clear, it now turns out that I still owe almost $500, which is minuscule in comparison to the original need, but still frustrating.

Annnnnnnddddd....I'm so excited about school and LIFE groups and friends. I'm also freaking out inside. I'm just so unprepared at this point. My God shall supply all my needs...including sleep and patience.

Oh and....if you really knew me, you would know that I love paper and pens and note cards and just all things to do with writing. Seriously. Check out this other blog and their current post---
SeeSaw Designs. I'm in love with all of their stuff, but specifically those gorgeous navy and yellow thank yous... What a cool job they have.

Hopefully, after or during next week, I will be able to sit down and really talk about some stuff that is going on, but I just don't have the heart or longing to right now.

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