Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blog Shout Outs.

I don't usually mention many other blogs. I have far too many friends who have fantastic blogs and I hate leaving people out. But this one isn't from a friend...exactly.

My dear friend and one of the coolest people I know, Lee Wilson,recently tweeted about about a blog entry that I found to be particularly fantastic and true. It's from Owen Stratchan's blog, an entry entitled "Shooting Sacred Evangelical Cows: Coffee Drinking." I strongly suggest you read this interesting little bit. I won't give the point away, but it so applies to me and about 99% of my friends. :)

Oh and you should read Lee Wilson's Blog, Re:Wilsons, as well. Lee and his wife, Beth, have the sweetest little girl, Abbey, and they regularly post videos and pictures of her, along with interesting posts of all sorts.


  1. "abbey and all sorts" could probably be the official blog tagline ... no doubt.


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