Sunday, September 20, 2009

week four.

I realize that I skipped week three, but cut me some slack. I had the flu.
Praise God, I'm all healthy now, though I'm still tired easily. Oh well. Life goes on.

This week was super super stressful, but I'm glad to see the Lord provide so much for me. I just want to bring Him glory and He is rewarding me in the little ways for that.

I am deeply pondering my GO Trip options. I have nine days left until I have to put the application in, but I would really really really like to know which one I'm really called to now. That'd be swell. The blessing of God is that I have the best friend in the whole world and she's been listening to me talk about it for hours lately. I'm also having lunch with Luke tomorrow to talk about it and hopefully will catch up with Lee Wilson at some point as well.

I'm also looking at all of my summer options which is super overwhelming, but God is showing me how qualified I really am. It's an awesome process to see where He could use me.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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