Monday, March 15, 2010

life is good.

ha. i really want a "life is good" hat for this summer. it'd be handy and fun, ya? :)

but really. life is good. it's hard. it's stressful. but it is SO GOOD.

number one. best friends are so good to have around, especially when all is well in our relationship. like to pray with. to be with. to love on. to cut my hair. to do everything with. i love it.

number two. it's official---i have a mentor. jewel was "honored" to accept my request. i am thrilled to be embarking on this journey with her. God is so good.

number three. God always provides. i was paid for a dnow, which i would have done for free. now i get to bless people. how awesome is that.

number four. i find out about RA this week. i'm scared but peaceful. i love knowing that God is in control, especially of where i minister.

number five. v show is seriously coming together. like it looks awesome. i'm so proud and yet so humbled to see my ideas coming together.

obviously, that is not all of the reasons that my life is good. there are more.
however...the point is that my life is good because God is good and faithful and merciful.

ps. one more reason life is so good...the promise of spring.

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