Saturday, April 3, 2010

i'm all set.

Providence was phenomenal. I love that city, those people, my God so much.
Enjoy a few quotes from the team. Names haven't been included as to protect the innocent. :)

"Wanasquatucket. Wasp in the bucket. Wanna squat on it?"
"He is a fully grown man."
"De boosch."
"Assorted. That means I choose."
"Monsta Cwis...Rawr!"
"Human trafficking-that's a light subject for nine AM."
"She made me stumble...with my thought processes."
"What's this whole Paul Revere thing?"
"I'm more aware of my face."
"My engrish is qwite suck."
"Harvard doesn't smell as good as I thought It smells like Abbey's old diapers."
"Play OneRepublic...everyone has to start somewhere."
"That deserves a wrestling moved."
"How long can YOU wear a peach ring?"
"How's the coffee?" "It's like crack."
"The Shoelace Family."
"I just wanna flap my wings and fly away."
"Dwight, are you okay to drive?"
"Sometimes, I just want to punt a pigeon."
"Where's Chris?" "I'll give you 3 guesses. 2 don't count."
"I'm not human until I have my coffee."
"I'm a monster until I have my apple juice."
"Which fraction is funnier? Two thirds? One half?"
"Sometimes I just like to be close to you." "Erm...I didn't know you felt that way."
"This music is putting me in a bromantical mood."
"She's wearing blue and green. And there are a lot of them."
"We just got pre-kicked-out."

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