Tuesday, May 11, 2010

oh dear me.

i am not doing good at this whole blogging thing currently. i am just scatterbrained. let me bullet point my life for you.

-variety show. done. fin. final. it's over. i loved it. i miss it. but i'm glad to have my evenings back.

-school. hallelujah. we're almost done. i've five more classes and four finals until i'm officially a junior. it's weird but wonderful.

-friends. goodness. i have some awesome people in my life. when things happen, i have the people who love me so close.

-family. my sisters actually just left after a few days with me here at school. i love having them here. i wish they lived with me, but my mom is not into that idea.

-life groups. i have a new lgp, jesse. he is phenomenal. i am so stoked to get to know him and partner with him. it's awesome to see Godly men who are so obsessed with the Gospel.

-emotions. last week was an overwhelming week for my emotions. a major thing happened and i just wasn't prepared. the Lord is good and faithful to provide encouragement through my sweet andi, and wisdom from my dearest courtney. He is faithful even when my emotions are not coming out of love.

-birthday. i'm twenty. whoa. there isn't any teen there anymore. weird. i had a great time with great people. wednesday was a night out with the girls, before it was even the actual day. friday at 12.01 am, andi and elissa surprised me with a rap and a cake. natalie made me cupcakes. kate painted me. katherine made me a collage. michele gave me ribbons and headbands. lindsey took me out to dinner. i got to see opera workshop. and to top it all off, i got to spend time with just linds and nat, which was wonderful. it's so lovely to be loved.

overall, i'm just gearing up for finals and for camp. i'm so excited to be done. however, i'm dreading the separation to come. i know that i will be missing some people very very very much [lindsey, natalie, andi, courtney, jewel]. how wonderful this summer will be to see how God works in that.
what an awesome chance is ahead of me.

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