Sunday, June 13, 2010

week one.

first week with campers. first week with little sleep. first week of the wonderful thing with all the babies.
and. i. love. it.
camp is wonderful. exhausting. heart-breaking. healing.
we had five sweet girls this week: katie. emily. rachel. haleigh. hope.
so many wonderful and also frustrating things happened.
it was truly exhausting but also fulfilling.

i do love it here, but i have had some lonely days without my closest friends. it is good to be hwere God has me, but it is not without hard times. i do so love girls here... april is especially good to me. amanda has the same sense of humor that i do. marlie is a constant encouragement. i have a great many good and dear sisters. they are so loving and i need that.

this next week, we will have 250 campers, opposed to the 106 we had this past week. it is terrifying but also exhilarating. i know that we will get to share the Gospel with so many more. it's going to be a wonderful week. the Lord shows me constantly what He can do in me and through me. i have faith that His will is going to be done.
continue to pray for me. know that i feel them.

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