Saturday, June 5, 2010

staff training.

i love it here. i love these girls. i love living here. i love it all. i love garywa.

staff training was rough, but in a great way. we talked through all the tough stuff that we'll deal with which makes me feel so much better about this next week.
we are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first campers this next week. we'll have around a hundred, which is a lot smaller than our usual two fifty. i'm just so glad to be serving with these women. i love these girls already. i have a phenomenal cabinmate, julianna, who is also artistic and creative, which is so fun.

another favorite part about garaywa thus far is the new vocbulary.
rear end= pincushion.
fox= fred.
racoon= ralph.

so fun.
i'll try to write as much as possible but it's a rough thing to catch up on a whole week.
pray for this to be a summer of healing for me.

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  1. oooh i hadn't seen your redo of the blog design. very lovely.
    pine cove has a different word for rear end too, only we call it a watermelon, haha :)


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