Saturday, July 17, 2010

i can't believe it.

one week left. literally.
i have one group of campers left. one week with my girls. one more night of worship. one more mega. one more share night. one more week.

and i'm hating it.

i love this place. i love these people. i love this bubble. i don't really want to let myself out of it.
i know it's going to be harder outside of here.

but here are the happy things:
a. one new song that is straight from the heart.
b. a new garaywa sweatshirt.
c. new paintings galore [including my first real painting].
d. happy times with my camp best friend, christy.
e. our whole cabin [6 little ones] got saved this week.
f. a new dear friend who truly understands where i come from.
g. a new ability to let others lead, though it is still hard.
h. the promise of a whole weekend with my best friend in the whole world after i get home.

please continue to pray as we finish out this summer. i had my first real battle with depression of the summer this past week. pray that this shadow will leave soon.

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