Saturday, August 21, 2010


yes, this is my 111th post. wow.

freshmen are officially moved in.
i have met some pretty awesome girls.
i'm really excited about our life group.

i am glad to be with my friends.
i get really tired of large groups of people.
i miss my other friends too.

i only have three things on my walls.
i have clothes all over my floor.
i don't really care about this at all.

tomorrow is the lg fair.
we're doing cow appreciation day.
pin the udder on the cow, anyone?

i find myself becoming grumpy easily.
i think that i'm just not used to this amount of people yet.
it'll get better.

with my sister also being back at school, we are once again on a regular skype schedule.
i love skype.
and my sister, hannah.

i wish i really did have magic in my fingers.
i would use it to make my room organized and cute.
too bad.

i have princess wall stickers.
don't judge me.
i'm really excited about them.

my mentor and i are about to start reading a new book together.
i need to work on my Bible study for my life group girls.
i'm excited to spend this semester in the Word.

i am praying against illness.
but i really don't feel great.
you can pray too.

i think that's all.
i need to eat breakfast.
thanks for listening.

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