Saturday, September 18, 2010

hard week.

this week was probably the first hard week of the semester. i hadn't been stressed out before this week at all. i can't even remember what started all of it...but i do know that i had my first mini lesson plan due on thursday morning. and then maybe some other thing due. plus it was go week which means that there was lots of extra things that i needed to go to. however, most of those didn't happen. honestly, i spent a lot of time thinking that i wouldn't make it through thursday.
and i definitely made it there. it was glorious.

can i just tell you the highlights of my awful week?
a. garaywa time. erica and jessica [my director and assistant director this past summer] were here for go week, so we all had lots of great time together. i miss those women so much. they impacted me so much and it was so wonderful to just be in there presence. i even got some one-on-one time with erica. it definitely made my week ten times better.
b. life group girls. i have the best girls ever. after such a hard week, they totally understood me being all over the place during our bible study. they just kept on trucking and let me be crazy if i needed to. it was wonderful. i also got to spend my friday night just hanging out with one of my girls. i just love how they pursue me.
c. Refuge. i work so hard with the toddlers, but refuge makes it all worth it. God speaks so much every week, and this wednesday was no different. He is just so good. hearing him speak through our amazing worship team and Jared is always a huge blessing to me.
d. paintingggggggggg. i love to paint. i love that i can express myself in that way i love that i did it with a friend who is hopefully a future garaywa girl. :) here's an awful shot of one of mine. [and yes those are the lyrics from a few posts ago. :)]

e. time with the Lord. i'm still working on reading the whole Bible, and i read james last night. what a kick in the face and a comfort to the soul. God is so good to be so specific to us.

so, here's hoping for a better week [despite my test on monday] and even more time with the Lord. He is so good to me.

[ps stay tuned for some exciting news, hopefully.]

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