Monday, September 27, 2010

it started with a cassette tape and a pregnant woman

if you have been reading my blog for a while, you might remember this post about les miserables, my all-time favorite musical. really, it's more appropriate to call it an obsession. i LOVE les mis.

let me catch you up on the story. my dad took my mom to see les mis while she was preggars with me. he also bought her the entire soundtrack on cassette. fast forward twelve years. the child who witnessed les mis from the womb is digging in the closet of wonder, and finds afore said cassettes. she then begins to listen to these tapes all day long, everyday. thus an obsession is born. she begins to google everything she possibly can about this musical, especially about eponine [who is still her favorite character.] she gets the opportunity to sing the role of young cosette in a local benefit concert, and could not be more thrilled. she finally gets her hands on the sheet music in high school and continuously plays it. thank the Lord that her family already loved it. she graduates and moves away without ever seeing her beloved musical.

back to first person: all of that is about to change...


now you may be wondering, "isn't that a long time from now?" actually, yes, it is. it will be at TPAC the week of finals in may. however, i will still be able to go and at a relatively cheap price as well.
[can you feel my excitement? i really am trying to express it through this entry.]

as my father says, "you'd rather see that than wicked and beauty and the beast put together! the obsession will finally be satisfied!"
such wise words from a man who is the reason i'm in love with this musical today.

[i have a lot of thoughts on the Gospel as it relates to this musical. to read a smidgen of those, i suggest you refer to my earlier post on the subject. i do plan on writing down more of theme. it's just a taste of how i see Christ in this music.]

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