Saturday, February 6, 2010

dream job.

warning: this is not an update on school. if that is what you want, i'm sorry. i'm not really thinking about that right now.

what i am thinking about is my dream job: a role in les miserables.

i'd be thrilled to just be in it. really i would. but i specifically would love to play eponine.

i've had an obsession with her since i first found my mother's copy of the soundtrack. she's just such a deep character and she has the best songs. the above picture is of my favorite eponine, lea salonga, who not only plays eponine, but is also the singing voice of both princess jasmine from aladdin and mulan. she's just a rock star in my little world.

i realize that my dream of playing eponine will probably never come true; not only because of the fact that i no longer pursue acting, but also because, as my mother so delicately put it, "eponine is waif-ish." :)
however, there is something i have learned from les miserables. while it is full of many great quotes, specifically ones how precious human life truly is, my favorite is found at the very end of the play, after much death that has separated many relationships. the last chorus is quite haunting and speaks of the joy of heaven that has now come to the dead, but it is the line before that chorus that truly speaks to me.
to love another person is to see the face of God.

while it is not Scripture, it speaks directly to my heart for others. by loving other people, i hope to show them the face of Christ. and more often than not, i get to see Christ out of the love that they return.

i may never be eponine, but i'll also never have to sing her token song.
on my own, pretending He's beside me. all alone,
i walk with Him til morning.

i never have to pretend that my "He" is beside me. i'm never alone. however, i can sing the next line as i constantly experience it.
in the darkness, i feel His arms around me.
And when i lose my way, i close my eyes and
He has found me.

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