Thursday, October 14, 2010


a. i came home for fall break. not exactly what i thought would happen, but God knows where i should be for sure.
b. i'm an auntie/big sister! i don't really know what relationship fits best for me and Liam Wilson, but what really matters is that he is here! he's quite possibly the cutest baby EVER.
c. my dad has a 2nd job interview with a company that he really likes. this is HUGE for our family. he is desperate for a job and this would be a wonderful one.
d. i do miss my hannah and hate that i'm not with her. but it's so good to have such dear friends who understand you, even when things don't go as you had originally planned.
e. i have lots of work to do over this break...and very little motivation. so many projects........ah.
f. i got to share the gospel with my grandmother yesterday. we had quite a bit of van trouble and she and my grandpa came to our rescue. i tried to fit it into the conversation as often as possible, but she definitely was trying to steer me away from it. pray that i would have more chances to show her that she really can cast all her anxious on the back of the Lamb.
g. God is good.

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