Sunday, October 10, 2010

hope is dawning.

fall break starts wednesday and i am so ready.
these last few days have not been fun emotionally.
i don't really know what's up. but something is and it's not fun.
tomorrow i have a lesson plan to present (not done) and a test to take (almost ready).
tuesday i have an interactive powerpoint game due (nowhere near done).
wednesday i'm skipping my only class. because i can.
and i'm leaving.
where to?
well....hopefully, mississippi.
to be with hannah and juls and the other girls.
however, i have also been considering going home.
i don't know why when i have the other option. but i have been thinking on it.
my mom misses me. and i feel bad for not being there for her.
anyway, we'll see.

if anyone is reading this, and i don't know if you are,
please pray that i make it through these next few days.
and that i rely on His strength, not my own.

"Freedom's calling. Chains are falling. Hope is dawning, bright and true.
Day is breaking. Night is quaking. God is making all things new.
Jesus saves."

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