Tuesday, December 7, 2010

new things.

note: if you are reading this via a reader, this post is not going to make sense. i suggest you click on over to my actual blog.

aside from my new festive background, you will notice a list of links to the right. this is what i am hoping to update rather quickly to speak more the things that i'm currently reading as well as the things that are important to me.

first, i really want to try and map out who i am. not long and drawn out...just the basics to tell you my story a little better. give ya some more perspective.

the next button will take you to life with depression. don't worry: this will be a joyful area. i just want that story to be known and the help i've found to used by others.

next will be blogs i like. and there will be lots of them. hopefully, i can divide them by theme and topic...but that may take a while.

finally, i have a tab for my hopes and dreams. i want a place to share about what i want for my future family, my future classroom, my future home. i just want to keep all my ideas and not lose any one at all.

why am i adding these things? i want to make a difference. i want for my life, my past, my convictions to affect as many people for His glory as possible. i want to keep my ideas public. i want to learn to be bold. i want to show what He is showing me...

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