Monday, January 3, 2011


i cannot believe it's here.
two thousand and eleven.
say what?

2010 brought much change, healing, and happiness to me. i can't believe it's over.
i'm considering doing a sort of year in review. i just want to see it all. and see His glory in my life.

2011, here's to you. may this year be as fun and full as last year. and may i continue to learn.

so, reader, i don't know who you are. honestly, i don't even know if you exist. [except for my little. hello, my precious sarah! :)] but i do hope that you are out there.
my new years hope/prayer/wish for you is that your life will be abundant. not because of fame or fortune. but because of the awesome power of Christ.

ps. just in case you were wondering, YES. i will soon give the run down of my Christmas. it was wonderful.

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