Monday, January 24, 2011

crafty crafty.

i am currently in the midst of a little room redo. so far, i have spent seven dollars total, a fact i am very proud to tell you. i don't have pictures of everything i've made, but i do have today's projects ready to share.

who doesn't love felt flowers? i adore them, so i decided to put a huge white one on a gray throw pillow. first, i cut out a MILLION circles.

i'm telling you: there were tons of them! i made them in two sizes.

then, i cut every little circle in half.

cute, huh? ha.

then i traced a dinner plate onto my gray tshirt that i am using to cover my pillow. (i think i accidentally got sharpie on the plate. oopsie!) note the glue gun that is ready to be used to glue the petals on.

here is the afore said pillow. note that i do not dislike this pillow. it is simply from my freshman year and it has gotten old. plus the color is a bit bright for the room i want to have. i'm going for breezy and calm with a touch of princess, not glaring and bright.

and then the glue gun ran out of glue. so what else to do but play with leila, the best cat ever? she is a diva who doesn't like pictures, but i forgive her.

after finally getting new glue sticks for the gun, i finished the pillow. i would have in between shots, but this is fast and furious work. hot glue cools FAST.
i love the way this pillow turned out and i'm really excited to move back to union and try it out.

also today, i made this awesome ruffly pillow case for another pillow. i sleep with 5 on a regular basis. :) it's got the perfect touch of princess for me.

so yep. today has been creative and productive.
7 days until i am back at school.
5 until natalie is back in the USA and we can talk.

ps. instead of just buying me more glue sticks for her glue gun, my mom saw fit to buy me my very own! and it's mini which is just what i like!

shout out to my mom who is both beautiful and a genius. it's nice having you around, mama!

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  1. Ahh! I absolutely love the flower pillow! I have a plain gray pillow on my couch & a felt flower would be the perfect touch. Thanks for the inspiration, lady! xoxo


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