Friday, January 28, 2011

little girls.

ever seen annie? i think that musical, mainly the horrific ms. hannigan, sparked my desire for lots of little girls. the horrible song she sings, the miserable way she treats them...i've always wanted to snatch them all right out of the story.

i think that another reason i've always wanted little girls is the memories i have of my sisters and i. we were always fighting, yet the worst punishment of all was to tell us that we couldn't be in the same room.

[for some reason, i don't have a picture of all three of us. sorry, audrey.]

why all of this talk of little girls? well, yesterday i spent my afternoon and evening with my new best friends in dickson: abby, rachel, and katie. abby is 9. rachel is 7. katie is 4. and i adore them. we played doctor and horses and read books and colored and made picture frames and took pictures and had "tickle parties" and just wore ourselves out.

and after all that, we put them to bed and i spent time talking to their precious mom, emily. out of all the wise things she said and the great stories she told, i got one specific thing: love your little girls more than life itself.

now, i know my daughters will never look like abby, rachel, and katie. the genes for my dark hair plus my desire to adopt from africa do not equal to blond little ones. but i do hope that my daughters are as sweet and loving and caring as those litte girls.

red and yellow. black and white. it's going to apply to my life for sure.

and i hope i'm ready when that time comes. because, like my little best friends, my daughters already are precious in His sight.

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