Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mine eyes have seen the Glory.

So much learned.
So many loved.
So many many saved.

We've tore down camp and all that is left is packing our cabins and spending time as a staff. Where has the summer gone? Monday, I drive back to Tennessee with my daddy by my side. Actually, he'll be driving, while I sleep peacefully by his side. Until then, we are just relaxing together, slowly packing, and loving each other as much as we possibly can.

Pray that parting will be easy and sweet, that my body will fight off what seems to be a hefty sinus infection, and that we all continue to rejoice in the Gospel. We have seen His glory. Pray that we are like Moses, with faces so bright that people cannot look at us for fear of going blind.

I promise to share stories soon. So many little girls have made my heart so happy. So many women have poured wisdom into me. So many pieces of my heart have been used.

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