Wednesday, October 12, 2011


That gentle sway...
That is exactly how being at home makes me feel.
Relaxed. Easy. Calm.
The total opposite of what the last two weeks have felt like.

Figuring out classes and credits and graduation is stressful.
I liked my original plan, but it seems that the Lord has some other ones for me.
Might  I convince you to pray that my heart would be molded to His will?
I know things will always work out best that way.

Thank you for being patient as I often forget to blog.
Hopefully, these next few days will provide the jolt I need to get back into blogging.
I have a few things in mind, so get excited for the next few posts.
In the last few weeks, the Lord has been good to provide a newly close friend who deserves much praise. 

For now, I'm going to go back to enjoying the gentle flow of being home.
And perhaps a bowl of ice cream. 
Take time to rest today, friend.
I know that you probably need it as much as I do.

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