Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Passion or Freedom?

I'm not at Passion 2012...and it's a great thing.
A few months ago, I applied for a Passion scholarship through Living Proof Ministries, Beth Moore's ministry. They graciously awarded me with one, and I was thrilled. All I needed was a place to stay and a way to get there, and I'd be good to go.
Well, those things didn't come, and it became apparent that I should let someone else use my ticket to go. So, I posted on the 268 Generation Facebook Page, and was quickly responded to by two sisters, trying to get to the Dome. (I know this is boring, but it gets awesome. Promise.)
Sweet Amanda offered to pay for the ticket, but I couldn't take her money. It was a gift to me...and it should be a gift to her. So, I asked if she would give that money to Do Something Now...and she said YES!
This whole week, I've been bitter that I wasn't able to go. Bitter that I wasn't worshipping with my generation. Bitter that God had given me a gift, and then ripped it out of my hands.
Today, Amanda texted me, and said, "Anna! All of the money is going to freedom!" Freedom? I like that word, but what does that even mean?
So, I searched the Passion website.
Freedom from human trafficking.
All the money from Do Something Now 2012 goes to freedom from human trafficking.
My ticket cost went to free slaves. 
Listen, this week at Passion would have been a life-changing experience. It would have renewed my spirit. It would have changed my outlook.
But taking precious children and adults out of slavery? Bringing them into a place where they can know the Truth? Giving them the chance to have a new life on earth and know new life in Christ?
That changes their lives and mine. 
Sure, I'd still love to hear it all live. Sure, I'd love to have been their to hear Beth Moore, John Piper, and Francis Chan. Sure, I'd have loved to sing with Christy Nockels and Chris Tomlin.
But the truth is...Freedom lasts far longer than Passion ever will...and their need for freedom and Christ is much deeper than my need to hear these people in person.
I am already free.
They need to be freed.
Praise Him for His plan, and not my own.


  1. It is hard to recognize that the Lord knows best when we are focused on the fact that He told us 'no." It takes an amazing young lady to rejoice in His "no."

  2. Thank you for your sweet spirit in allowing God to use you in your disappointment. May God multiply the resources that you made available to those in need.

  3. I praise God that He turned your bitterness into joy. What a great lesson to learn at a young age. Keep serving and let this be only a stepping stone to the even greater things God has planned for you. Came here from Beth Moore's blog to say I am praying for you!

  4. Beautiful post, Anna. Freedom from slavery --- what a gift. You, a young woman who knows grace and mercy, now gives Freedom. Christ is smiling.

  5. YOU are a very wise young lady! Lovely post.

  6. Such a blessing to read your blog this morning. What a treasure to see God's blessing in your sacrifice. I pray you will get to go next year. God Bless You. Love your blog. :-)

  7. What a precious gift you gave Anna! You were blessed to be a blessing(Gen12) and the Lord delights in your offering. From what I read in your blog, you already ARE His bride - becoming more beautiful over time as you live for His glory, but already His and your Bridegroom King is enthralled with your beauty!


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