Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Surprise Surprise.

These first few weeks of summer have brought many surprises to my life.
I was surprised at how fun it is to keep two toddlers for a whole weekend, how hard it was to watch my class graduate, and how many hours Sarah and I talked on the phone while she drove to Texas.
I was surprised by how restful home was, seven sweet little kittens on our back porch, along with an intense tooth ache.
I was surprised by a hotel stay, my favorite getaway, and  a lovely bouquet of daisies.
I was surprised by the decision to remove my painful tooth, the strength of the sedatives they gave me and how few hours of that day I actually can remember.
I was surprised at how much I immediately missed my Sarah.
I was surprised at how often Karisa and I talk and how badly I want to leave for Louisville daily.
I was surprised by how quickly Natalie's wedding is approaching.
I was surprised by how quickly I've come to love being in Jackson for the summer and my quick friendship with baby Liam, my daily dose of therapy.
I was surprised at the sheer energy and sweetness of my Rising High School Senior Residents, as well as my energy and lack of fear during our first tornado warning, and my first as an RA.
I was surprised by my need for alone time...and how hard it is to find.
I was surprised by how grateful I am to have Margaret, Anna Marie, Kate, and Molly in Jackson too.
I was surprised by the Lord's graciousness towards me, and His moving in my heart to break it again over my friends and residents.

But honestly, I'm not surprised anymore. All of these things...they are in the plan. I didn't design the plan, but I know Who did, and He loves to throw a good curve ball. I can tell that I'm growing to roll with the punches, to not be surprised, but rather anticipate the new wrenches in my plans. In the end, the fact that I had a plan....well, that's what messes everything up. Waiting on Him and His direction...that makes the curve balls a little less surprising. And honestly, I'd rather get a curve ball to the stomach from the Lord than have smooth sailing on my own messy plan.

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