Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sometimes it's hard to be grateful.

My mom is a wise woman, and given my current period of depression (which explains my lack of posting), she has encouraged me to start writing down five things I am grateful for at the end of each day. I'm writing them on my white board with hopes that seeing them all day will inspire me to be more grateful.
I thought I would share today's with you, and perhaps encourage you to find new things to be grateful for as well. It can only do good things for all of us.

Today, I am grateful for...
1. Visiting friends. Two of my sweet residents and dear ones, Savannah and Angela, came to see me. I miss my girls desperately...and it was a joy to see them both. I am so glad to have gained friends in all of them this summer, especially in the ones that I get to talk to daily. Who know I'd gain a bestie out of it all?
2. The Olympics. I was so thrilled to watch the Opening Ceremonies. Even in the long Parade of Nations, I found such joy in seeing all of the countries represented.
3. Air conditioning. It is hotter than Hades out there, and I love the cool breeze in here. It is so good to not glisten from the humidity.
4. Honesty. I had a serious conversation with a friend at dinner tonight, and it was hard, yes. But honesty...true communal honesty is refreshing.
5. Lastly, I'm so very grateful for Natalie. It continues to amaze me how great of a best friend she is, even from Orlando. She knows me so well, and is never afraid to tell me exactly what she thinks. ALSO I am so proud of her for passing her NCLEX officially today! She is the smartest.

Also...Juno is on TV, and despite my hatred for all things that turn the brain to mush, I adore this movie. Somewhere in the midst of the mess of teen pregnancy, there is a beautiful message in it all. Plus, it's truly hilarious. So, I'm thankful for that too. Something to laugh about is hard to find during these days.

Psalm 25:16-21

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  1. I knew a woman years ago who carried around a notebook she called her "Thank God For" book. Similiar to what your mom suggested, she wrote down five things every day that she was thankful to God for, and she told me she never listed the same item more than once in the entire notebook.

    Hope the practice is helping you. Would love to see a follow up post about it in the future.


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