Monday, July 9, 2012

The chorus will never get old.

I'm a day dreamer. I always have been. It's in my blood, I suppose.
When my mom would put me in time out, she would tell me to sit on my that I couldn't create characters out of my fingers and enjoy my peaceful dreams during my time out.
I'm blessed with a big imagination. One that creates tiny worlds for fairies and big dreams for my future. One that uses hot air balloons for transportation and flowers for hair bows. One that has high hopes and charming ways.
Lately, I haven't been creating fantasy worlds though. I've been imagining a world that is very real, yet is still out of my reach. With living alone this summer, I'm faced with my own humanity and sinfulness many moments out of the day. And so I long for Heaven, a land where all of my humanity will be cast aside and I will finally be who He is making me into.
In my dreams, Heaven is a preschooler's dream. Everything is multicolored, more iridescent than gaudy. Pearl not only covers the gates, but any furniture is also covered by a coat of reflective beauty. 
All of the believers are best friends, closer than we can understand now. Our hearts have been truly united, making us One Body under the Lamb. Everyone recognizes the beauty in our differences, a multitude of nationalities worshiping the Only One. Children stream ribbons through the crowd of thousands, shouting and cheering. And yet no one hushes them, for everyone is singing "Holy Holy Holy!" at the top of their lungs. And the chorus never gets old. 
There is an unmistakable sweetness in the air, a scent that could only be described as the essence of the Lord's presence. There are tables and tables of the freshest food, and we are always hungry for more and yet always satisfied.
Everything exists to reflect the Light of the Son. Mirrors. Diamonds. Gems. Even the faces of the multitude mirror His greatness and His beauty. Despite all the fun and merriment surrounding them, no one can take their eyes off of the Lamb. No one can remove their attention from the Savior. There is dancing by all, and the singing never stops. For their hearts know that no matter how long they sing and how many praises they will never truly be enough.

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