Sunday, September 9, 2012

Thankful, yet again.

Today, I am grateful for...
a. surprise friendships. Not that I am ever truly without a friend, but I've hit a lonely spot lately. The Lord is faithful to provide new friends to fill that void. I'm so blessed by those who are close to me, both new and old.
b. clean sheets. I've recently discovered the glories of having one's detergent and fabric softener be the same scent. Tonight's bed is so marvelous, both in scent and softness.
c. hot water. After a few days of illness and a bad headache, there is simply nothing like a hot shower. Even washing my hands with hot water seems to help. I'm so blessed to have hot running water.
d. forgiveness. I've been reminded yet again of my need for forgiveness. The Father is so faithful to wash us clean. I'm amazed at His grace.
e. white. The purity, the classy crispness, the blankness waiting to be filled. I adore it. Seeing white through the eyes of the Gospel is an experience like none other.

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