Friday, June 19, 2009

wedding day.

a little girl.
a long wedding dress.
a full-length mirror.
pigtails a mess.

old fashioned pearls.
a dried-out nosegay.
fading high heels.
it's her wedding day.

a young woman.
a glowing face.
seeing her man,
every hair is in place.

those same old long pearls,
a shining display
of love through the years.
it's her wedding day.

a child of the King.
her everyday life.
one full of His joy,
through pain and through strife.

a gate made of pearls.
human words cannot say
how beautiful it will be
on our wedding day.

a chorus of angels.
light brighter than day.
every knee will bow
on that wedding day.

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  1. this is good. did you write it? i feel like your mother for asking lol


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