Monday, June 22, 2009

three things.

Our God is faithful to provide for His children, even when it not necessary. I am so undeserving and yet He chooses to make me His daughter, a princess who He showers blessings on.
So...Colorado, here I come!

2. Pray for me this week.
I am spending this week home alone, as my whole family is gone either on a mission trip or to my grandparents. With me already taking off a week for CO, I could not afford to go to Kentucky with our church on mission trip. Please pray for my parents and my two sisters as they minister and my brother as he watches TV at my grandparent's. :)
I have never slept alone in our house...and I'm about to try just that as soon as I finish this post. Please just pray that I will have peace and I won't burn the place down.

3. Pray for my Natalie W.
This week is kids camp, a huge deal in the childrens ministry at Applewood. She is only 18 and is their interim children's pastor. I'm sure I've mentioned that before. Anyway, this week is going to be very very stressful. She already had two kids throwing up when I talked to her tonight. Just pray God's blessings over her and the campers this week. The Lord is determined to get glory out of this situation and He will.

Soli Deo Gloria-Anna.

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