Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Confession #1-This is not the promised post about Colorado.

Confession #2-I severely dislike one of my best friends from school's other best friend.

Confession #3-I think this is a Holy Spirit thing, not an "Anna just dislikes her" thing.

Confession #4-The devil is using this to bring about jealousy and hatred towards this person in my heart.

Confession #5-I hate that so much!

For reals. I do not know how to handle this. I know that Christ has led me to be loving towards her and encouraging towards her in the past, and I assume that will continue. But I do not know why I have this unrest in my spirit about her. It shakes me up to have this dislike. I don't want this, but it has been there and I suppose it will remain. I am searching the Scriptures about it, but I mainly just need prayer. Pray that I will react in only the ways Christ has for me. Pray that I will not ever let this come between me and one of my best friends. Pray that my heart is and continues to be in the right place.

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