Monday, July 13, 2009

God is so great.

I'm just gonna list the random things in my head right now. I have lots of thoughts and I want to get all the memories and things out where I can remember and you can read them.
  • VBS.
    Today went so so so smooth. Such an answer to prayer. There were people giving Natalie crap about how "they had heard it was going to be unorganized this year." Boy, did they get blown out of the water! It was overall a good first day. We ran low on kids, but high on fun and energy. I ended up helping out with snacks, which is probably not my first choice, but I got to hang out with some incredibly fun and Godly ladies. I also just really love seeing Natalie at work. She really does have it all planned out and under control. I am blessed to see this part of her life.
  • Food.
    Why do we not have these restaurants in Tennessee?! Chipotle. Noodles. I am in love with the food at these places. Also, I am rediscovering a love for pistachios. Natalie has a ton of them and I am loving it.
    Seriously. I have got to stop blinking. They are everywhere and they are phenomenal. I cannot explain how much I love it here. The scenery is just beyond belief.
  • Sunflowers.
    I now know why these are Natalie Huth's favorite flowers- they are everywhere! Seriously, they just grow here. It's fantastic. Plus, it's always a reminder that I'm going to see Loml at the end of this week.
  • Answer to Prayer.
    Courtney, Natalie's best friend here, and I are getting along so well. For reals. I really like her a lot and she returns the favor from what I can tell. If you know my Natalie, you know that she is just not a hugger, and honestly I was in need of a hug today. Somehow, Court picked up on it and hugged me goodbye before we left her house. I am just blessed by her and she doesn't even mean to do it.
  • PS I Love You.
    I had never ever seen this movie, though I did read the book. I really really liked it, but as a girl who just loves being in love, it is a difficult one to watch and not stumble. Court and I were both commenting on our longing for that feeling of being in love, and it really is hard to look at one of my best friends and know that she is not also commenting because she is in love. That is a hard thing to grasp and not be jealous of. It is definitely a struggle for me on a regular basis, but it became even more obvious after watching that movie. I know that my time will come. I have full faith in God to provide that love that I long for, as the longing in my heart was placed there by Him Alone.

    For now, I leave you with the lyrics to a song that Natalie and I worshipped to in the car today. They ring true in every area of my life right now.

    We run to Your Throne
    Where we belong.
    Every heart will sing
    That Jesus is Lord.
    Casting all else aside
    For the joy of our Christ,
    Let Your Glory fall.
    Our hearts are filled with Your Fire.

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