Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hello, Denver.

Flying was awesome. Turbulence is actually something I enjoyed. I know it's weird but I liked the bumpiness. There were four kids on my flight. I loved that.
But, the hands down best part was the end because I knew I would see Natalie Wittman. It was so nice to see her sweet face and hug her. We got to chat as we waited forever for my luggage, and then flew down the road to her house. If you have ever rode with her, you understand. :)
She then forced me to eat, as I had not eaten much today. I have never had such a yummy omelet. There was toast too. She can't stand for me not to eat.
Her Denver best friend, Courtney, has been over and we watched a movie. So good, but the time change/travel is getting to me. Court went home and Natalie and I got to have a quick chat before she went to skype the man and I came downstairs to "go to sleep." Ha.
So, now I'm sitting in the basement, thinking of going to sleep. The air is weird here. It's giving me a headache, but I think sleep will definitely help. She's making me drink lots of water for the oxygen. She does want me to get "altitude sick."

I would ask for prayer. That I wouldn't get sick. That I can really serve Natalie. That I would form a good relationship with any of Natalie's friends, especially Courtney. That I would not get home sick at all. That I have no migraine attacks. That I focus on here and now. That I let Christ be the Center of everything in my life.

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