Tuesday, July 14, 2009

With Everything...

Today was another great day for VBS. It's kinda freaking Natalie out that it is going so well. I'm just proud of her and blessing the Lord for working through her.

Tonight we had a picnic with her high school friends at "their" park. It was cool to see Natalie with them and to just hang out with people who are actually our age. I can tell that I will be praying for them as they are all lost, as far as I can tell. They were all genuine and fun, but definitely not Christians, though they have much respect for Natalie and in turn, me. My heart just breaks for such fun people who do not know the Lord of all as we do. They think that we are quite foolish and all I can think is Psalm 14:1- "The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God.' " How I long to prove Him to them.

I'm genuinely exhausted, even after a nap today. Number one lesson from today is the same thing that we always hear-Actions speak louder than words. While I may not feel like I'm doing much, I am serving Him by being here. While Natalie is not one to praise and express her love in that manner, she is continuously caring for me in other ways. I see Christ reflected in her so often and that is something that I hope is true for me as well.
I know that song lyrics probably get old, but everything relates back to them for me. I've probably used these before, but they speak to me anew this week. I need to constantly remember to use everything I have to bring glory and honor to the Living Lord.

With everything,
With everything,
We will shout for Your glory.
With everything,
With everything,
We will shout forth Your praise.
Our hearts they cry,
"Be glorified.
Be lifted high above all names."
For You, our King,
With everything,
We will shout forth Your praise!

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