Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This has nothing to do with Colorado.

Maybe I'll write about today later, but I just feel like writing a bit on a totally different subject.

This coming fall, I will be on my third set of roommates. That is a lot.
I've recently realized that I have been beating myself up for this fact. That I'm going to be living with three totally different girls. It's like I somehow think that it is all my fault. Lemme just give you the rundown.

Semester One-2 Chi Omegas and an Art Major. Sweet sweet girls. Love them all. We just didn't do well living together. I still visit and love on them.

Semester Two-3 Independents-2 Nursing Majors and 1 PE Major. Good girls. Moved in originally because we all were moving out of our old rooms. One was my so-called "best friend." That fizzled fast. Two of them were much more OCD than the other two of us. It just became a really sticky situation with the fizzled relationship. I did almost stay with the one that I was closest to, but it seemed that God was leading us towards others.

Semester Three-2 Sweet Upperclassmen Sisters and me. We don't know our fourth one yet. I'm quite confident that we will be a fantastic room. We already act as roommates and I am just genuinely supported and loved by these girls.

But, even with all the wonderful things that will be, I can't help but feel that I am some kinda loser for not sticking with at least one of my old roomies. I feel like I'm a quitter on them.
I just want to live in a peaceful situation where I am loved, appreciated, and supported on a regular basis.

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