Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today in Colorado, Anna Avery had a good day.

So, today was pretty great. I can't believe it's already Wednesday night and I am leaving Denver/Arvada/Wheat Ridge on Friday afternoon. This trip is flying by!

I have a math equation for today's events...

Apple Corer/Slicer + Mariachi Music + Chipotle + Baracko Chewbacca + Time with the Best Friend + Anna Time + A Nap + Cherries and Blueberries + A Pizza in the Oven + Bonding with Nutmeg= An Overall Successful Day.

Let's break it down.

-Apple Corer/Slicer. Snack today was Mini Doughnuts (Boomerang Express Train Wheels) and Aussie Apples. Darcy brought in these fantastic contraptions that slices and cores the apple and you just turn the handle. It slices them into a spring shape, like a slinky! I was fascinated for obvious reasons. I came home covered in apple juice, but it was worth it for the fun.
-Mariachi Music. Seriously, the women I am working with are hilarious. Vicki constantly sang mariachi music and talked about mexican food today. Yesterday was a full-on Michael Jackson tribute, complete with moon walking. They also have phenomenal kiddos. They have raised them well. I love kids with manners and a sense of humor, and theirs definitely have both.
-Chipotle. We had yummy lunch again today. I'm beginning to think that I should just bring it back with me. I am loving the salsa and the rice there. Super good.
-Baracko Chewbacca. We had lunch with Tom, the youth minister, and his kiddos, Sadie and Seth, along with other people from the church. His kids are Hilarious! I love listening to them. Tom was quizzing them on politics, which led Seth to say that the president was "Baracko Baba," as in Ali Baba's brother. Somehow we mixed in Star Wars and out came Baracko Chewbacca. Try and morph those two faces in your head. Hilarious.
-Time with the Best Friend. Honestly, I had quite a few sweet little moments with Natalie today, which really helped as I was headed towards exhaustion fast. She is so in tune with when I'm needing love and that makes me very happy. I truly adore her. More than most people in my life. I walked into her room today and was just overwhelmed with how much more I want to know her. I know that God has given us each other for many reasons and I am excited to keep learning what those are.
-Anna Time. Dearest Natalie brought me home this afternoon to have some rest time, which was much needed. I was becoming an unhappy camper and the time to myself was much appreciated. I need time to think and write and Praise Jesus, Natalie gets that.
-A Nap. I GOT TO SLEEEEEEP!!! It was wonderful. I woke up hot and needing air, but much happier than I had been. It was so good to just hear silence and my own breathing for a while.
-Cherries and Blueberries. I just really really really like fruit a lot. I don't know why, but it's almost an obsession. Anyway, it was good to eat something that I really like and doesn't make me feel yucky. And cherries have rocks inside, which has always intrigued me.
-A pizza in the oven. I like pizza. I like to cook. I like the feeling of accomplishment, even when I just pushed a few buttons and stuck something in a box of heat. It was nice to feel like I was at home, which I am. Oh and I like the smell. It's good.
-Bonding with Nutmeg. Nutmeg is Natalie's dog. She's twelve, and thus very sensitive. We haven't always gotten along this week, but she was all about me today. I like having that little sweet something sitting next to me and she was all about cuddling today. It was nice to have that little bit of affection from something small. :)

All in all, today was good. I even got to play the piano! I'm excited to see what tomorrow holds. Hopefully, picture taking happens. :)

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